Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cranberry Cleaning & Binning Station - Field Trip

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride along in the dump truck to the cranberry receiving station.  Dump trucks are not luxury vehicles.  They are loud and the ride feels a bit like jumping on a trampoline, not something I'd want to do all day.  And getting in and out requires a bit of skill when you're only 5 feet, 3 inches.

Once at the cleaning station, the berries are dumped into a pool.

The cranberries are elevated into a washing station where a pressure washer rinses/blows away any leaves.  The fruit also moves over a "bouncing" machine.  Fresh, ripe berries bounce, rotten berries do not.  The good berries continue on while any rotten ones drop into a waste box.

 The cranberries make their way to another hopper where they are metered out into large wooden boxes - 1000 pounds at a time.

The forklift operator picks up the boxes and transfers them to a semi trailer which in turn drives the cranberries to a freezer until ready to be made into sweetened dried cranberries or juice.

It was a fun outing.  Just me and the hubs alone in a dump truck.  It was almost a date.