Monday, October 19, 2015

Cranberry Marsh Tours....(are coming to an end)

Technically speaking, cranberry harvest has come to an end.  A couple of truckloads of fruit still need to be hauled in and the trash rakers will still work a few hours and all the specialized harvest equipment will be put to rest for another year, but the cranberries have all been harvested and the harvest party is over.

I still have plenty of pictures to share and plenty of recipe posts in my draft folder waiting to be finished up.  Today is a mish-mash of pictures as cranberry harvest comes to an end.

These two boys enjoy one of their last days on the marsh during harvest.  It's one more chance to walk in the water with boots.

Running water down to the short beds.  Our own little Niagara Falls.

And yet another picture of a cranberry bed being boomed (corralled). 

A look at the berry cleaner getting set up.  Only has to happen a couple more times before the end.

Climbing up to watch the cranberries fall into the dump truck never gets old for Joseph.  He would stay up there all day if I'd let him.

Peter loves being just like dad with his hip waders, even if they have to be folded down to fit right.  

In the spring the irrigation pipes get put out for the growing season.  Before the bed is harvested in the fall all the pipes have to be pulled and placed along side the bed up on the dike.  It's a very unglamorous job, but Amber and our friend keep a good attitude.  Their motto is "pull the pipes, to get pipes".  We've had many a harvest worker quit after the first day (and more wishing they had) of pipe pulling because it's hard work.

Look at those smiles.  They are so happy to be pulling the last bed of pipe.

And Joseph is super happy to have something to jump over.

Another beautiful day of cranberry harvest in the books.