Sunday, May 1, 2016

Clay Pigeon Shoot....(or how to have fun on a Saturday)

Our year revolves around holidays, birthdays, and HUNTING SEASONS.

April and May are dedicated to hunting turkeys.  This year six relatives made camp in Warren's workshop.  Lots of stories, food, beer, jokes, but sadly no turkeys this time around.  Even so we all had great time.  A favorite part of the weekend was the clay pigeon shoot.

The Godfather/Goddaughter duo

The joy of rural life....riding on the tailgate to a clay pigeon shoot.

What exactly are you protecting, Maria?

As the adults set up, the sand mountain calls to the kids.

I always find something on the ground to photograph.  This time it's a cluster of johnny jump-ups (I think).

Warren mans the thrower with Peter's help.



A little competition

Cousin Rob

Taylor needs more shells.

The guys hide Sam's shells.

Uncle Dan

(even I had a chance to shoot, but no pictures)

Never too young to practice your form....butt firmly pressed into the shoulder, firm grip on the forearm, and finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.  Joseph's got it figured out.  And yes, the gun is unloaded.

Good, clean, family fun!