Saturday, May 28, 2016

May Can't Be Over Already

It's hard to believe that May is coming to an end.  My last blog post was May 12 and here it is already May 28.  So many of life's event trigger an idea for a blog post; however, there simply is not enough time for picture editing and writing.  Memorial Day weekend is starting out wet - the perfect time to edit pictures and share a tiny bit of our May with you.

Sam and Joe are part of our local school district's virtual program.  They were given the opportunity to participate in a science fair.  Joseph (and Peter) put together an Animal Tracks display.

I wish I could say I remembered to take pictures at the actual science fair, but I can't say that.  It was a busy time, lots of stuff to remember to take that day and to top it off we had to be to school extra early for "Pastries with Pals".  I forgot the camera!  For an average American that would be no biggie because they'd just take pictures with their smartphone.  I'm not an average American; therefore, I do not have a smartphone.

Between school and violin rehearsals Emily made iced coffee; we all enjoyed it one hot afternoon on the patio.

Joseph's favorite time of year is here - baseball season.  He's anxiously awaiting Rafters Baseball.  In the meantime he watches 
and then reenacts the movies outside.

There you have it - a tiny bit of our May.  Stay tuned for more to unfold as time permits.

  Happy Memorial Day weekend my friends.
Any plans?