Saturday, June 18, 2016

End-of-School-Interviews - 2016

Last year I fell in love with Jessica's end of school interviews.  I was inspired to create my own using Picmonkey photo editing.  I displayed them on our school room wall on an old window frame I picked up from a garage sale.  Often I saw the kids reading over each other's interviews - laughing, smiling, discussing their answers.  Conducting these interviews is the perfect way to signal that school has ended and the year is in the books.  So without further ado I have this year's interviews.

 (photo credit - Sam Minch photography)

Emily's favorite books - Flight Into Spring & Dragonfly in Amber

Emily's most proud of graduating homeschool.  She'll be continuing her education at UW-Marshfield this fall.  Once she earns her Associate Degree she'll transfer to a state university and major in Ag-something (Ag-science, Ag-studies, Ag-communications)

Nick's favorite book - The Adventures of Robin Hood

And in case you're wondering what kind of certificate Nick's holding, he attended a 9-week Student Police Academy this spring.  He thoroughly enjoyed the program and intends on doing a couple of ride alongs with police officers this summer.

Amber's favorite books - Beautiful Creatures series

One of the questions I like asking is - Hardest Thing I Did All Year, but for some reason this was impossible for Amber to answer so we came up with another question.  Favorite Volunteer Project was a hit and I think I'll add it to next year's interviews.

For the last two summers Sam has played Sandlot Baseball, but this year he changed to something a little more fast-paced - BMX racing.  It's been a fun change.  The track atmosphere is nice.  It's an individual sport.  And Sam gets to (has to) bike as fast as he can which has a way of tiring him out.  He comes home happy, sweaty, and ready for a shower and bed.  That's the perfect sport for an 11 year old boy.

Joseph's favorite book - Mother Goose, My First Mother Goose

Joseph is a huge baseball fan.  He loves baseball movies, baseball games, baseball equipment, and baseball clothing.  In this picture he was just waiting to run the t-ball challenge at the Rafters Baseball game.

Peter's Favorite Book - Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh

Peter has been loving big books.  He loves a good bedtime story and placing the bookmark at stopping point.  So far we've read the Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales, Ready, Set, Read!  The Beginning Reader's Treasury.  Next up will be any other book on the shelf that qualifies as a BIG BOOK.

Maria's favorite book - The Grouchy Ladybug

Summer is in full swing here at Camp Homeschool.  It's so nice to enjoy unlimited time outdoors.  I'd like to be spending more time in the garden, but with three little ones going in opposite directions the garden's going to fend for itself.  We'll see how survival of the fittest works in the plant world.

Have a wonderful Sunday and remember today is the day to start thawing meat for the week.  Meal time goes much smoother when the meat is thawed.

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  1. Congratulations on another year done!

    This is pretty off topic but your kids' mentions of history reminded me: can you recommend some good fiction and non-fiction US history books for kids? My sons (8&10) loved me reading the Little House series much more than I expected (meaning we read the whole series even The First Four Years). We're now working through my mum's old UK history for kids, "Our Island Story" which makes a few mentions of events such as the Virginia settlement, the Pilgrims etc. My 8yo has now asked if we can read an American history book next... Got to seize the enthusiasm while it lasts!
    (I'm also suggesting that they read the Horrible History series themselves.)

    1. Sorry for such a late reply. A favorite historical fiction book is The Witch of Blackbird Pond. We've also been enjoying the Rush Revere books. Give those a try and let me know what your kids think.


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