Thursday, June 30, 2016

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I added this {pretty} window box to the chicken coop this year.  The simplest additions to the yard are always my favorite.

This begonia was a Mother's Day gift from the kids.  It's been blooming profusely and is quite {pretty} if I do say so myself.  A few years ago I took notice of the beautiful, huge flower baskets welcoming customers at the feed store.  I asked what fertilizer they used and she pointed me to Tiger Bloom.  I tossed out my Miracle-Gro (which was way too hot and always burning off my plants) and started using Tiger Bloom.  It's awesome.  I fertilize every Thursday with a mix of 2 capfuls/gallon of water.

So much happiness in the summer.

Blurry, but she was moving fast, people.  Amber runs Pearl in the gymkhana games.  Last night she placed for the first time at this arena - 4th place in pole bending.  She was so {happy}.

Kids helping in the garden is oh, so {happy}.

Having enough free time for fishing makes me {happy}.

Winning first place at BMX = more {happy}.

Very, Very {happy} is plucking fresh cherry tomatoes for breakfast right from the patio plant.


Joseph feeling the gap after just losing a tooth.  His little tongue was flicking in the gap all day.


I really wish this were not {real}, but Joe dumped a little less than a quart of milk on the living room rug.  The threat of spoiled, stinking milk made my decision to haul the rug outside for a good hosing an easy one.  But where do you drip dry a 10' x 12' area rug?  Over the 4-wheeler, of course.  I sure hope it dries before the predicted thunderstorms this afternoon.

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  1. What a sweet boy with his new gap! I hope your rug dried before the rain.

  2. I ended up having to take my son to an extra violin lesson and was gone when the sprinkling began, but my husband was driving by and managed to drag it into the porch. Thanks for your concern:)


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