Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ramen and Dumplings

Remember my ham and cheese recipe?  The one that's not really a recipe at all, but a simple way to jazz up a regular ham and cheese sandwich into something extra special for lunch.

I have another one of those recipes to share with you today.  The ham and cheese sandwiches make a good lunch for most of the days, but what about Fridays.  I'm always on the look out for simple Lenten lunches to serve my meat eating family.  Ramen noodles are loved by everyone in the family no matter their age so I tend to make them often, especially Fridays.

But, we make Ramen and Dumplings.  It's one of those non-recipe recipes.  It's the only way we ever eat Ramen.  So, in case you're in need of another way to jazz up a regular 'ol meal of Ramen, I've got it covered.

The recipe is simple.

You need however many packages of ramen necessary to feed your family, eggs, and flour.

Basically, I bring a pot of water to boil (the amount needed for your ramen noodles).  Then I stir up the dumpling dough, drop by teaspoons full into the boiling water, stir gently.  When they float, they're cooked through.  Then I dump in the noodles and the seasoning packets, turn off the heat and wait for the noodles to soften to our liking.  That's it!

Here's the process of making the dumpling dough.  For our family of 9 I use 3 eggs.

I add at least 1 cup of flour, adding more 2 T. at a time to get a nice stiff dough.

You know it's right, when the dough pulls away from the side into a ball around the spoon.  Heavy on flour and your dumpling will be more dense and chewy.  Light on flour will yield a soft, fluffy, airy dumpling.  I prefer them dense and chewy, but feel free to play with the recipe and make them to your liking.

Adding dumplings to Ramen is a great way to increase their stick to your ribs ability, making the meal a bit more hearty.

 The Final Product

Not quite homemade, but almost.

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