Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hot Ham & Cheese for Homeschoolers

As we approach Lent my mind starts thinking about the Corporal Works of Mercy.

feed the hungry
shelter the homeless
clothe the naked
visit the sick and imprisoned
bury the dead
give alms to the poor

That top one, feed the hungry, is pretty simple to accept and follow.  A CRS rice bowl in the center of the table is a great reminder to the whole family that there are starving people all around the world and we are called to give so they may eat.

Putting coins in a cardboard box is easy, but you know what's hard?  Actually feeding the hungry.  The hungry mouths that are around me all day.  11:25 a.m. rolls around and one by one my kids start asking the dreaded question.  The question I wish I had an answer to everyday, but I don't.


What's for lunch?  How am I supposed to know?  Probably leftovers - whatever you can find in the fridge.  The little ones can have bread and butter and an apple.  That's what's for lunch!

Preparing lunch is just not my thing.  It's such a disruption in our productivity.  Just when our homeschooling day is on a roll, it's lunch time.

Feeding the hungry lunch is truly a corporal work of mercy for me.  That's why the #1 measure of a good week to come is a week long lunch plan.  #2 is stocking the pantry with ingredients.

Here's a recipe (if you can call it that) for a lunch my kids go crazy for.  With easy to find ingredients, these sandwiches are inexpensive and simple.  They're not just for homeschoolers; they're for anyone looking to put a hot meal in front of their family in a snap.

Hot Ham & Cheese
hamburger buns
sliced ham
sliced cheese

There's not much to it.  Easy enough for even a 10 year old.  In case it's not self explanatory, here's the method.

Place split buns on cookie sheet.
Top bottom half with ham and cheese.
Butter top half of bun.
Sprinkle lightly with sandwich sprinkle or roasted garlic sprinkle.
Broil until top bun is toasted and cheese is melty.

This can hardly be considered a recipe, but toasting the ham sandwich does make an ordinarily boring, cold sandwich extra special.
I'm always on the lookout for simple lunch ideas, do you have any that can feed a crowd?  Please share in the comments or on FB.  Thanks.

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  1. I feel the same about lunch. Just when the homeschool day gets on a roll, it is time to stop! My kids make these broiled sandwiches many days also. Another favorite is shredded cheese and leftover chicken rolled up in a tortilla and warmed in the oven. I am having fun looking at your blog! I have 8 and am in WI.

    1. How fun to "meet" another Wisconsin homeschooler. Rollups are a favorite of my 16 year old daughter. She loves using the whole wheat tortillas and whatever she can find in the fridge.


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