Saturday, February 4, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up {the one that started with pie and ended with cranberries}

We've added another child to the adult population this week.  Nick turned 18.  How can that be?  Seems he was just a 6 pound 9 ounce baby (our littlest).  It's cliche, but true - they grow up so fast.

Pumpkin pie, always pumpkin pie.
Have you heard of the game Speak Out?
It's crazy.  First you'll want to brush your teeth, then you form a team, then you put in a lip spreading contraption and try to talk clear enough so your team members can guess what you're saying.  

Warren is doing the talking right now.  Sorry no picture.  Nick's trying to guess the phrase.

It's a really fun game, but the lip spreader contraption kind of hurts.

Joe's making great progress with his reading lessons.  In case you missed it, I wrote a long post about tools I use to teach him to read.

I'm pretty excited about this.  We actually completed an entire science curriculum in less than 2 years.  Actually, it took only 5 months.  That is unprecedented.  Unchartered waters.  Never been done before.  It was a thorough chemistry program with labs.

Amber fills in her lab workbook after extracting DNA from her own saliva.

Nick shows the DNA he extracted from dried peas.  The white thread-like material is the DNA.
I don't remember ever doing this lab.  It was quite thrilling, especially for Amber.  Holding out a stick with her DNA, she said, "this is me on a stick."  In case you'd like to conduct your own DNA extraction, here are the directions she followed.

WRPS Virtual Learning "Star Student"

On the food front, I used Honestly Cranberry cranberries in my chicken salad.  If you're looking to ramp up the flavor in your favorite salads, these dried cranberries are just the thing.  Cranberries are the only thing in the bag.  No sweeteners, just cranberries.  It was so good, I ate it for breakfast.

And that's it for my Weekly Wrap-Up.  Are you interested in other homeschooling families' weeks?  Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers has it covered with her Weekly Wrap-Up Linkup.

Have a great weekend.  And don't be shy, leave a comment.  Thanks.


  1. I'm looking into possibly homeschooling but I feel so lost. I can not find contacts of anyone on the Internet, in the Stevens Point area,to answer/ask simple questions about homeschooling. We are a Catholic family and would love to incorporate our faith into schooling, but I don't even know where to begin.

    1. Please PM me through my facebook page @camphomeschool or email me

      cranmomof7 at gmail dot com

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