Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I've Been Reviewed

Now that I have that glowing review, I hope to live up to it. I'm definitely undeserving of all the fame and attention that kimzyn brought my way. Thank you so very much! Today has been another day at "camp homeschool"and it all started with Farmer Boy. Actually with Almonzo's mom. That lady knows how to cook and she does it all the time. Apple pie for breakfast? Now let me just say, we have eaten apple pie for breakfast, but that was it, not stacked pancakes, side pork, bread spread with apple butter and apple pie. Every chapter tells of a meal better than the last; my mouth is watering just thinking of all the good food. So, last night Lee and I went blackberry picking so that I could pretend to be Almonzo's mom for just a moment in time. I guess Lee felt a little like Almonzo because he asked me if we were preparing for winter. The simple answer is yes; we will make jelly and jam to spread on our toast in December. The long answer is no; we do not need to preserve the summer's harvest because we can easily drive to Copp's Grocery and get frozen blackberries in December to make jelly or even buy the jelly already made. We picked enough to make jelly. I started the process last night and then Grace helped me finish it in the morning. She learned about sterilizing with boiling water and sealing out germs using the inversion method (when a jelly filled jar is tipped upside down, the hot jelly pushing against the lid doesn't allow any air to enter, creating a bacteria free sealed jar of jelly). Still feeling like Almonzo's mom, I rounded up a few cookbooks and began searching for more jelly and jam recipes to make. My list is long, but I have a feeling I might actually check off everything on the list.
blackberry jelly
banana butter - made with Grace before supper tonight
zucchini freezer jam
spiced pumpkin spread
holiday cranberry jam

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  1. Hi Jen...
    I saw the review of your blog and decided to check it out...I love it...My DH & I hope & pray to someday relocate to a part of the country where we can have more property & live a more relaxed & more simple lifestyle...We currently live in the northeast...Anyway, just wanted to post a "Hello"! :)


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