Saturday, July 30, 2005

Close Quarters

We made a road trip to Manitowoc yesterday. What a perfect day. We stopped at a picnic area along Lake Michigan and wow was it windy. We ate our lunch, walked among the seagulls and watched a young man attempt to surf. Our main destination was the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. The U.S.S. Cobia submarine is stationed there for tourists to get a glimpse into what life was like on the sub during wartime. The sub was fascinating, with the tight sleeping quarters (they slept above and below live torpedos), diesel engines and the intense heat (90 - 100 degrees). The rest of the museum offered many history lessons in early fishing, speed boating and a great exhibit for kids. Waterways of Wisconsin was a hands on room where the kids could build a boat and then sail their boat through the many examples of waterways including locks and dams, draw bridges, water wheels. And yes this all happened in real water. They offered plastic aprons to lesson the amount of water that actually got on the kids. Lou came away soaking wet. After all that fun we headed over to Beerstens for homemade icecream and hand dipped chocolates. We went for a drive through the town and then headed for home.

We have moved on to Farmer Boy. I love this book. I see the surprise in my kids eyes when Almonzo acts so mature for 9 years old. Hopefully some of his politeness and taking responsibility for his actions wears off on my kids.

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  1. Jen,
    I just love love love your blog! Have I posted here saying that before? Well, if so, take it as a reinforcement! ANyway, I just reviewed it at AHA weblogs blog

    So, if it is too gushing, forgive me.


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