Thursday, July 14, 2005

Four Generations

We picked up Lou from Grandma's today. She spent two nights there. Then we all, including Grandma, went to Great grandma and Great grandpa's house for a visit. There was lots of talk about who went on what vacation, who was having what medical problem and just basic family chattering. We all played the piano. Grace and I shared our songs that we've been learning at home, while Lee played a song that he is trying to learn from memory. He heard the song Surfboard Boogie played at a piano recital and is now trying to play it from memory. He has absolutely no piano instruction, but has the rhythm down and some of the notes. Lou and Grace did a little ballet for all the old folks. We ate wild rice and ham soup, that I made, which my mom didn't like and fresh blueberry pie that great grandma made, which Lee didn't like. He's not much for cooked fruits. He likes fresh fruit best. The kids played with bubbles and set up the ring toss. Of course, it's 91 degrees today and too hot to be out for very long. They ended up coming in to watch Ma and Pa Kettle: Return to the Farm. My grandparents find it hilarious as do the kids. It's not very politically correct, but sometimes I just have to grin and bare it.

We're home now and everyone is tired. Daddy Lee hooked a sprinkler head with the round-up machine and ended up dumping Round-Up on a patch of cranberry vines. Tomorrow they will be dead and will not produce fruit for this fall's harvest. He's not in the mood for my sarcastic humor either.