Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lazy Dayz

It's been a lazy day for Lee and Lou. They spent 2 hours and 15 minutes listening to the unabridged version of Moose Tracks. Ray napped the entire time and I made Cottage Potatoes, a June/July Taste of Home recipe. The potatoes were well worth the effort. There was a lot of chopping. Anyway, today was the perfect day to try the recipe. The house was quiet, except for the story narrator. I was able to listen along with the kids, yet get something accomplished. Moose Tracks is an excellent story about a 12 year old boy from Northern Minnesota. He gets himself into a bit of trouble with some bear poachers. Of course, his father is a game warden. In the end it all works out and Seth learns a few valuable lessons about obeying one's parents, living in a blended family and how natural consequences work. A tiny part of the story revolves around the fact that he is homeschooled. That part was not included in the jacket description so it was a pleasant surprise.

Grace is at a friend's today. I guess Sierra got a new playhouse, so she needed some help decorating and organizing the space. Grace is just the one to help with that. She really has an eye for style; hard to believe she's only 7.

We got a request for 4 dozen eggs. Hopefully Irene will trade zucchini and cucumbers for the eggs. She's in her 80's and still has an acre sized garden, "just to have something to give away to my elderly friends". She's great and I'm sure we'll play some cards with her before we head back home.