Monday, July 11, 2005

Cooking Kids

Grace and Lou are baking gingerbread men. Yes, it is 86 degrees. Yes, it is July. Yet they found this recipe in their ABC cookbook and decided to give it a try. Grace has been cooking with me since she was able to sit up on the counter. Her skills are phenomenal for a 7 year old. Lou on the other hand is 3 and has not had as many chances to cook with me, having 2 older siblings getting in the way. Anyway, it's going great; I've been called in three times to help.
*How do I measure 3/4 teaspoon?
*Look at this mixture!
*Does this look right?
Now the dough needs to chill. This was devastating for Grace to read. She is a NOW girl. Waiting is not her forte. She's setting the timer for 1 hour. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Where have I been? We have been at the beach, visiting friends, camping, attending ballet, tap, guitar and violin lessons, hanging with family at family reunions and doing tons of laundry. I finally made time to blog and read other blogs. I did check out some new blogs, but can't seem to get my link icon work to direct you to them.

One cute thing said by Lou, who is three. At the supper table the other night we were talking about golden birthdays and when each of us had ours or will have it. Lou will be 4 on September 4. It will be her golden birthday. Later in the week we were at Walgreens; Lou saw a sand toy that she liked. She kept asking me if I would come back and buy it for her metal birthday. After about three times of asking her to repeat it (because I had no idea what she meant) she said, "you know 4 on the 4th, my metal birthday". It finally came to me that she meant golden birthday, but had forgotten the name of the metal. Very cute.