Thursday, January 19, 2006

Subject of the Day

Today we started a new unit on the 7 continents. We perused the atlas discussing any pictures of interest, colored and labeled the 7 continents. Grace and Lee loved this project. They worked for over an hour coloring, labeling, comparing the flat map to the globe and looking at the pictures in the atlas. Then they continued with their other seat work, which for some reason is taking them way too long today. Hopefully they'll finish so they have time to play before we head out the grocery store.

We're halfway through, On The Banks of Plum Creek. Laura and Mary made paper liners for the kitchen shelves. Grace wants to make some punched liners for our kitchen shelves; maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Good gracious woman, what are you trying to do to these kids? BB guns, Little House On The Prairie, spending all day and vacations too with their parents, not to mention the home-schooling! I hope you realize that if you keep this up you're going to end up with (gasp!) WELL ADJUSTED KIDS!!!

    Keep up the good work, always nice to know we are not alone.


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