Friday, August 18, 2006

Date Night

DH and I had a great date yesterday afternoon. We did a little Christmas shopping (never too early), looked at Honda vans (decided that we'd rather drive what we have until January in order to save more money), went to Tony Roma's for dinner and then walked through Gander Mountain. We had fun just talking and shopping without being asked why we have to look at this and when can we go home and I'm hungry and I'm thirsty. Once home we were a little (more than a little) surprised to see Grace and Lee still up (it was 10:30pm) and the house a complete mess. At $8.00/hr. we expect a little more than that. I wonder if we pay too much. It's hard to ask others how much they pay; people don't like to reveal it for the fear of looking cheap. Any input would be appreciated.

Today is overcast, but still warm. We've been jumping rope again. I can't believe how much fun it is. The kids are picking up on the rhythm quickly. Today will bring more corn to eat and freeze. Cucumbers are coming out of our ears and I plan on making potato salad with the baby reds from the garden. We were invited by another church family to have a cookout tomorrow afternoon. They have one 4 year old boy who loves Lou; she's not too sure of him, though.