Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Holy Day - Assumption

We attended the vigil mass of Assumption tonight. What an enjoyable mass (except for Ray the superball boy). I love singing all the songs honoring Mary. The music is sweet and they all have catchy refrains. The evening is cooling off nicely, so the windows are open and I can here the children running, laughing, eating popsicles, and now Lou is crying because the dog knocked her over. How quickly a Norman Rockwell moment can turn into a Murphy's Law moment.

At the homefront we've been freezing our excess of sweet corn and canning blackberry jam and jelly. I'm hoping to do some blueberry picking at an area farm this week before the season is over. I washed the outside windows yesterday with Lou and maybe this week we'll wash from the insides. Grace is almost finished with Meet Addy and we'll be heading to the library on Thursday to get book 2. Grace also has plans to do school with Lou and wants to find pre-school books with art project ideas. That sounds like a great idea to me. I can do some reading to Ray without someone else always pointing to the pictures first. Time to relieve DH with the lawn mowing.