Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Christmas Story

For the first time in years we will be attending Christmas Day Mass instead of Christmas Eve Mass. At our parish the kids tell/read/act/sing the story of Jesus' birth, on Christmas morning. Sister called with the assignments: Grace will play "Silent Night, Holy Night" on the violin, Lee will be a shepherd and Lou, an angel. Ray will sit in the pew pointing and yelling at his siblings. Talk of this Christmas pageant is buzzing all around the house. Discussing their rolls and what they'll wear, Lee made a comment that I'm not too sure how to take.

Lee: Well, I'm just glad I'm a shepherd and not Joseph.

Grace: Why?

Lee: Because I'd rather have my feathers pulled out one by one, than walk a donkey and pregnant girl to Bethlehem.

I wanted to probe him on this comment so badly. What's wrong with a pregnant girl? Don't you like walking? I've never seen feathers on you. Why wouldn't you want to be Jesus' "earthly father"? I just continued driving and listened to the conversation change to haircuts and how Lee shouldn't get one before Christmas because, "chances are, shepherds had long hair, mom".