Wednesday, December 6, 2006

With God All Things Are Possible

THE BAD - DH has something wrong with his shoulder causing severe pain, no strength and numbness of his fingers. The doctor isn't offering any solutions except physical therapy for tendonitis. This has been going on for 10 days. Our underground waterline from our well to our house broke last week Wednesday causing us to live like grumpy, unprepared pioneers. The ground was so frozen that the excavator couldn't break through the frost under the road so DH (with the bum shoulder) had to build a 30 foot long campfire across the road with hopes that it would warm the ground enough to break through the frost.

THE GOOD - The fire worked. All the plumbing parts are in and the plumbers are here. There are no guarantees, but we should have water by tomorrow. Thank you Lord for fire and plumbers and outhouses.

Last weeks Family Formation lesson was about Hope. The catechism says that one cannot have despair if they have real Hope. Hope allows us to look to God to create all that we need. I've had moments of despair throughout these troubles, but God is good and I always seem to find Hope in the situation. I praise the Lord for his grace.