Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post Thanksgiving Shopping

When in the right mood, I love shopping. This mood doesn't come very often - usually starts the end of November and ends right around Christmas. Today was a perfectly sunny and crisp day to embark on a shopping trip. Since we had to take my mom home, Grace, Lou, Grandma and I made a few stops along the way. First up was Walgreen's. I love Walgreen's! Just the right size. Just the right amount of choices. Just the right sale prices and I love their coupons and rebates. In the past I've received $40 worth of rebate gift cards, enough money to purchase my entire Walgreen's list for the next month. Then I rebate again and the cycle continues. The most prized item purchased at Walgreen's was by Lou. She finally got the Fart Putty she'd been wanting for her entire life of November.

Then we headed off to McDonald's where, once again, Lou was in her glory. I encouraged her to drink all her milk, play and then take her food in the van to eat on our way to Kohl's. She looked at me like I'd lost my mind and said "Are you sure you want me to play before I eat all my food?"

At Kohl's I found exactly the items I was looking for and they were all 50 and 60% off and mom had a $10 coupon. Jackpot! Just two more stops and Nice As New and Target and then to take mom home. It's amazing how fun shopping can be when the boys stay home. Not that they're naughty, they'd just rather not be there, and it shows.

The Salvation Army red kettles are out. The stores are jammed with customers. Christmas songs play 24 hours a day on certain radio stations. Christmas is upon us, but let's not forget Advent. The very message of Advent is preparation. There's gift ideas, wrapping, baking, cleaning, writing cards, decorating and so much more. But let's not forget to prepare a place for baby Jesus in our hearts, homes and lives. Confession, weekly Advent devotions, well chosen Christmas stories - these can help us to prepare everything with love for Jesus' sake.