Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Perfectly Me, So Perfectly You

Tonight as Warren read the paper he chuckled to himself and then related to me that my horoscope is "so perfectly you". So I chuckled and wondered, what does he think is so perfectly me. So he started reading it to me:
Gemini, You're creative, ambitious and ready to explore where those qualities
will take you. It seems you can do any work as long as it's not the work
you're supposed to be doing.
That is so perfectly me. I can stay busy working for hours on projects that are not at the top of the priority list. And I often have many projects going, some of which have been going for 5 or more years. Just in the past month I've almost finished a quilt I started when Nick was a baby back in 1999. That was an entirely different century. I can honestly say I'm never bored. Then he read his horoscope and I laughed so hard because his was even more perfectly him than mine was perfectly me.
Pisces, Everyone is trying to contribute to a project that you would rather
do-or perhaps must do-alone. Too many opinions will stifle your
creativity. Smile and say thanks, and then follow your own inner muse.
So many days when Warren comes in the house during work he's bombarded with dad can you, dad watch this, dad can I help with, dad when are we gonna. Dad Dad Dad - all dad wants is to work Alone Alone Alone. Yet he allows us into his world and usually even smiles through it all. And that's so perfectly you.

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  1. I homeschool too. I believe that one of the main reasons why we are able to do it is because we have a supporting husband. God be praised for them!


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