Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Around the Table

Math and Language lessons were pushed aside for much more interesting talk today. What you ask could be more interesting than math and language? Will you believe politics, religion and money? Wisconsin's turn to vote has finally arrived and with that has come a number of calls from Obama and Clinton and one call from McCain. The kids were wondering why certain family members vote Democrat since they believe in ProChoice. We talked about a number of the issues at stake and how some issues are more important and those are the issues which make up a persons mind. Being pregnant the issue of abortion is dear to Grace and Lee's heart. Of course, they can't understand why some people would believe it to be ok to abort a baby in the early months. Then we moved on to religion, too much to discuss here and money, another good topic. How did the conversation end? Debt is dumb, Cash is king. I guess the kids do listen to talk radio with me.

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  1. I was reading through your blog, laughing and relating to many of your posts. I love the geography cake idea! I had to comment on the debt is dumb. We had a similar conversation a few days ago. My eldest (10) in particular loves politics and finances. In the evening he often can be found sitting in my room listening to Dave Ramsey's show.

    I no longer remember how I found your blog or why it is in my favorite’s "read when have time" folder, but am glad I had a rare quiet moment to enjoy the moments you share. Thank you


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