Friday, June 6, 2008

Bits and Pieces From the Week

Earlier this week we hung the humming bird feeder and have filled it three times since. At one point there were eight hummers flitting around the feeder at once. Of course, no pictures because it was just too much fun to watch and I never even thought about grabbing the camera.

With all the rain, the flowers have been doing great. A few I do have to remember to water because they are under the eaves. I just love tooling around the yard watering and pinching dead heads. It's relaxing and I remember back to winter days when all was empty, grey and cold and how quickly the landscrape changes with a little rain and warmer weather.

Diamond had her kittens June 3. Today we rescued them from the extremely high and out of reach place she chose to have them. I was so afraid that once they started walking they would walk right over the edge and we'd have a very sad situation one morning. So we set up a little kitten house for Diamond and her six babies in the garage. Now what will we ever do with six kittens?

Tuesday was summery so the kids went for a dip in the pond. First time in for the year. Even the cold water didn't deter them a bit.

Thursday was muggy so we headed back to the swimming hole. Again absolutely frigid water, but the kids didn't care. I ventured out for a while in the tube, all the while shivering and gently reminding all that anyone who splashed me with cold water was in deep trouble. I got wet; no one got in trouble. Even dad took a break from work for 20 minutes and jumped in for a swim. Then it was back to ditching for him.

Lee found this 5-Lined Skink under the front step. It's either a young or female skink based on the size and blue tail.

And the week ended with my 36th birthday, June 7. Thank you mom for giving me life. Thank you to my family for being my life.