Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Week With Two Less

Kids that is, two less kids. Sunday evening we dropped Grace and Lee off at camp. They'll be there until Friday late afternoon. Grace attached herself to her bunk with pen and paper in hand getting to know the other girls in her cabin. She went as a loner, meaning she had no camp buddy to sign up with. Lee signed up with a camp buddy and he and the other boys from his cabin bonded by running, checking out the water's edge, having a pinecone fight, boy things. We left for home with two crying youngen's. Who says brothers and sisters have to hate one another?

We had so many ideas for the week, including:

  • fishing on the pond

  • boat rides

  • baking and freezing tons of cookies and muffins

  • reading lots of little kid library books

  • having a campfire and roasting marshmallows

  • have a friend over one day to play

  • tent out in the yard

...all in hopes of distracting them from the fact the big kids are gone. Here's what we actually got done so far. I tore apart the boys' room and DH and I began painting. DH stained and just started varnishing the bunk beds. We did have family movie night last night and had a friend over for the entire day, Monday. The bubble tent was pitched in the girls' room Sunday night; Lou and Ray have been sleeping there every night. It's only Wednesday morning. We do have two full days and a long morning ahead of us to fit in the fishing and boating, but it seems like the time is just flying.

Lord, keep the campers and counselors protected by your loving arms. Help them to come closer to you this week through singing and crafting at camp. Allow for friendships to build and provide all with safe travels home. Amen


  1. here is a link for wealth of info. These are Catholic parents of children with Downs - the video is soooo touching and beautiful - among the shots are some friends of ours.

    Another homeschool family in our group just had her 7th who was born w/Downs. What an absolute gem of a lady! God knows so well who the best parents are for these great Gifts!!

  2. sorry - forgot the link, duh!


  3. I really like your blog, and your photos are wonderful. I'm a homeschooling country mama of 5 kids, too (my oldest is 9 and youngest nearly 2).

    God bless you and yours!


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