Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Early Spring Bike Ride

The round about plans for the bike ride all started with an idea to take a vacation of some sorts to somewhere warm. As a family we hovered around the laptop typing in cities and states that had potential to be warmer than central Wisconsin. We didn't find much - Hawaii, Arizona, and Miami, Florida. We really wanted something a bit closer. Something close enough that driving wouldn't wear us out before the actual vacation started and wouldn't leave us bleary eyed once back home. Then after a little closer look at our weather forecast things began to look pretty good. This week was expected to be in the low 60's early on and then turn cooler and even down right wintry as the weekend neared. So in an effort to take in all the sunshine we could we opted for a 45 minute drive to Stevens Point's Green Circle. We chose Schmeeckle Reserve as our starting point/parking area. The total miles biked was around 12-14. I chose the Moses Creek trail as I had never biked it and it included two boardwalks which I knew would excite the kids. What a great trail. We did have to do some biking on a busy road, but that's over now and all they keep talking about was the cool boardwalk.

A couple of my favorite lines overheard:

At the beginning of the trail still in sight of the parking lot and van we intensely looked at the map deciding which way we should go. It took a minute to figure out the orientation of the map.

Nick: We're Lost.

The word single file was hollered out a lot, mostly directed to Samuel. About 4 miles into the ride he finally yelled back:

Sam: What is single file anyway?

Once we told him, the problem subsided.

And now for a couple of pictures


  1. looks like a wonderful day and ride.

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