Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today's Thoughts

Soggy days are in store for us this week. Gloomy gray skies too. I should expect this, after all we are nearing spring and that means moisture and mud here in central Wisconsin. Still the sun is a welcome visitor after the dreary days of February. We definitely took advantage of it the past few days. Lot's of backyard baseball, horse riding, tipi building and bike riding.

But now here we are a little more homebound and colds making their way through everyone. Last week it was Emily with a terribly sore throat and now Sam is coughing, Amber has teary eyes and a drippy nose and Nick is stuffed up with a sore throat. Little J's top tooth has been showing through for well over a month and finally it seems to be ready to make its appearance. Emily just said she sees a corner of it peeking out. I'd say it's about time. He's had his bottom two teeth since about 13 months, but that's it. Now at 19 months (almost) he's getting his third tooth, I think.

Talking about Little J he's really mobile. He crawls up and down the hall looking in the bedrooms for things to eat. Tell me why a rubber twister tail (fishing bait) is appealing, but a cooked carrot.....no way! He crawls through the end table which is a sight to see.

And loves to be read to. Sam does a great job of memorizing books and then reading them to Little J. The current reading favorite is My Silly Book of Colors by Susan Amerikaner.

Last week was a birthday week. Warren's turn this time. I feel bad for him having a birthday during Lent. But we celebrated as much as possible.

Happy Birthday. We love you.


  1. Hi, I'm Susan Amerikaner, author of the book Little J likes right now. I am so delighted! It is no longer in print, and what a wonderful feeling to know that my silly visions and words still find their way to touch a child. My hat is certainly off to you, Jen. It sure looks as if you are doing a splendid job. I am going to sign up to follow you...maybe I'll write my next book about you and your kids! Don't worry. After sniffles and snow, the daffodils glow...

  2. Dear: Jen

    I think, no I know that you two do a wonderful job, because it is a full time job to raise a family, homeschool and run a business, plus all the other things that comes up with family members and your great friends that you have. I am very proud of my wonderful daugther and son-in-law for being such great parents to my five beautiful grandchildren. I will be seeing you on Thursday.

    Love, Mom

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