Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Very Soggy Day

Rain moved in last evening and continues still today. The forecast shows rain through the weekend.
Lot's of reading again today.

The Seven Silly Eaters

by Mary Ann Hoberman

Little J practicing Amber's spelling words. She happily said, mom I can't do my spelling because Little J stole my Magna Doodle.

Emily found a way to create blue skies for us. We all, even dad, gave it a try. By golly it worked. The day looked so much happier through the blue lens.

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  1. Who is that girl in the blue glasses? I don't think I know her!! I know my five grandchildren, but, that CUTIE I just don't know about.

    Gracie my girl I know you and LOVE you very much.

    LOVE: Grandma XOO


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