Friday, October 14, 2011

My 14th Annual Cranberry Harvest

October sure came quickly this year.  Seems we were just basking in the July heat and humidity one moment and then the next it was October with all the beautiful colors and gorgeous blue skies.  It's still October now, but the fall foliage has mostly dropped and the skies have turned a little darker.  It's very dark in the morning when we get up.  I open my shade expecting to see something, anything, but I don't.  I just squint trying to make out the shape of the chicken coop before coming to terms with the fact that we are indeed heading into another winter.  You'd think I wouldn't be surprised by this seeing that I've lived in this house for 14 years and have experienced 14 Octobers and 14 cranberry harvests here. 

Looking out over the swimming hole beds.  When Emily, Nick and Amber were little we have a large swimming hole in this exact spot, hence the name, swimming hole beds.

Joseph enjoying his mittens.  He couldn't stop looking at them.  This week didn't start out cold; Monday we had temps in the upper 70s.  Today we barely made it over 50.

The Dirty Jobs guy really needs to experience our type of cranberry harvesting because there's nuttin' clean about it.  Here Chad is blowing the ditch edge trying to get every last berry that's gotten tangled in the ditch grass.  The wind is out of the Northwest and he's on the south side of the bed.  He's getting wet!!!  That's why he's wearing raingear when it's not raining.

Years ago I read somewhere about the importance of boys having meaningful work.  Meaningful mans work.  Real work that needs to get done.  Not made up work to keep their hands busy, but hard laborous work.  The author said it helped them develop into hard-working, determined, needed men.  I think this counts big time.

With a mouthful of sunflower seeds to "keep him company", Nick picks up pipe from the cranberry beds so dad can rake the bed tomorrow.

The whole set-up.

Tooth decay fighting, urinary tract infection preventing, antioxidant loaded cranberries.  Eat some today!
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