Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunny Harvest Monday

Monday was a gorgeous sunny harvest day, especially if you were watching from the inside.  On the outside, sure it was sunny, but also windy again and cold.

Of course Joseph enjoyed his stroller ride.  There's so much to look at and he's really into pointing at something and telling me a story all about it.  It's babble with inflection and lots of eye contact and pointing and various other hand gestures.  I just love it and respond with lots of: Really?  You see a bird in that big oak tree.  What kind of bird do you think it is?  Then he continues with his babble story.  And we keep walking.  He found a pinecone early on during our walk when he was actually walking and not riding.  He examined it quite closely for a while.

Sometimes you have to get right in there to make things work right.

The whole crew winding down the day's work.  They were raking up cranberries and tossing them into the cranberry corral.

I love these pictures that capture the sunlight rays.

Amber looking all pretty in the sunshine.
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