Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Broomball Craze Has Hit

Broomball is the poor man's hockey.  Well it is, the way we play.  Expensive equipment can be purchased, but we've found it to be more fun with cheap kitchen brooms and a small playground ball.

How do you play broomball?
Simple.  Gather a group of sturdy people.  Ice is slippery.  Ice is hard.  A broom to the face hurts.  Make sure the players are sturdy!  Head to the ice.  Hand everyone a broom.  Pick teams.  Choose a goalie.  Toss up the ball, let the centers take it from there.  Any somewhat intuitive person can figure out that the goal is to get the ball into the opposing teams goal.  A point is scored and the game continues.  We usually play to ten.

The players go down.

The players come back.
The ball is out of bounds; a little broom fight breaks out to get it back in.

We let the little kids play.  It keeps us from getting too violent.

Broomball is an excellent cardio workout.

There's always a lot of smiles and crazy faces.  Running on ice does that to a person.

The game is heating up.

Defending your team's goal is serious business.  Everyone has their own style.

Time for a break.
If broomball is done right, a snowball fight should break out after a couple of games.

Smells like Teen Spirit - these kids are going to sleep well tonight.

If you're looking for a great way to get your kids some fresh winter air, tire them out and maybe even a couple victory bruises......BROOMBALL is your game.