Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trying Our Hand At Maple Syrup Making

Sam is working on the Ag in the Classroom essay contest.  This year's topic is making maple syrup in Wisconsin.  What better way is there to learn about maple syrup than to tap a couple trees and make some syrup of our own.  Sam's been reading about small batch maple syrup making on the Whole Fed Homestead blog.  Today we tapped a couple trees....can't wait to see what's in the bucket tomorrow.

Reading story books is helping us all learn more about the art of making maple syrup.  Here are our favorites from today:

Do you have any maple syrup making tips for us newbies?  Please share.  We're at the bottom of our learning curve.  


  1. I loved the descriptions of maple syrup making in Laura Ingalls Wilder books.
    How did yours go?

    1. We put out our taps, but then the weather changed. It's been too cold this week for the sap to run, so nothing is happening yet. Today is going to be a great sap day, so hopefully we'll have some to boil tomorrow.


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