Saturday, July 14, 2018

BULK COOKING Large Family Style {June Edition}

Bulk Cooking is totally my style especially when summer takes over and we have so many activities pulling us in multiple directions.  Rarely are all nine of us sitting down to supper at once which makes having multiple meals in the fridge and freezer a godsend.

In this edition of BULK COOKING Large Family Style I make:

x5 Pancake Mix  Click here for this old-fashioned recipe
x3 BBQ  Click here for the cookbook

x4 Taco Meat  Click here for a video of my homemade seasoning mix

x2 Pepper Steak  Click here for the Stove top version

x2 Beef Short Rib Soup  Click here for the cookbook
x2 Ham, Bean & Potato Soup  Click here for this giant batch soup recipe

24 Hamburger Patties  Click here for the hamburger press I use & patty papers

10 pounds Twice Baked Potatoes  Click here for the recipe

All these recipes can be seen in video format, too.

Large Family BULK COOKING🌮🥔🥞🥩 Soup, BBQ, Taco Meat, Twice Baked Potato, Pepper Steak, Pancake Mix

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I recently came across your YouTube channel and have been binge watching your channel. 😀came over to check out your blog as well. I'm a mother of 6. Five daughters, one son and now a grandmother of one. Ages range from 22 to 4. ( grandbaby 2weeks) my 5th child was born with a rare chromosome defect, so the last 11.5 years of life have been life changing. Anyway, thought I'd say hi and I'm enjoying your videos. I do have a blog but not a youtuber.... yet😉

    1. How beautiful to have a large family and now a grandchild. Our oldest is engaged so I'm probably not much behind. Thanks for stopping by to say HI! HI back!

  2. I love your videos I just came a pond them and I really enjoy watching them please keep them coming I have made a lot of your recipes they are delish thanks so much. You are such a great mother you are so good with your children .

    1. Thank you Unknown. It makes me so happy to hear you are enjoying the recipes.


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