Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese lunch

We've been studying China for the last week and so today we finally made the meal we planned last week.

Vicky's Chicken Oriental (from family cookbook)
Chicken and Vegetable Egg Rolls (from freezer section at grocer)
Long Grain White Rice (my kid's favorite)
Chocolate Milk (just a treat)

Grace, Lee and I prepared the meal while Lou cleared away all the A.M. school papers from the dining table. Grace helped Lou set the table. Ray "shoveled" snow. Trying to be as traditional as possible, we even ate with chopsticks. None of us traded for a fork; we decided this would be the perfect way to loose weight and an even more perfect way to eat during Lent. It's a true sacrifice to see steaming hot rice and perfectly stir-fried chicken and not be able to dive in. Slowly, while using chopsticks, we enjoyed all the flavors of the meal. Lee did get a little frustrated at his first attempt to life the eggroll from the platter to his plate. He finally stabbed it with one chopstick and said, "Chinese toothpicks". When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.