Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is More Always Better?

Lee made his First Reconciliation tonight.

Yesterday as we drove to town I mentioned to Grace and Lee that since tomorrow we'd be making a confession they might want to take some time to examine their conscience. Within a second you could hear a pin drop on carpet. After, what felt like an eternity of silence, Lee piped in with, "How many do I need?" Well, for your first Reconciliation you should have at least one sin to confess. Sometimes I have five sins. Lee reported back that he had four and Grace added she had six. I had a little chuckle. For a moment it seemed they were trying to outdo each other. I was thinking I wish I had none, then I'd really feel I had outdone everyone.

Back to today. I watched those five 8 year olds run out of the confessional with smiles on their faces and fall down on their knees to do penance. Then it hit me that more is better. I really think the more sins we confess the tighter the hug from Jesus and what could be better than a great big bear hug from Jesus our Savior. After all confessions were said, Father reminded us that Reconciliation should be a time of celebration and by watching the children we can see the celebration happening in their hearts.