Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Download on Laundry

Lots of talk about laundry in the blog world and home keeping in general. I just wanted to note a few of my not so tricky "tricks" to help keep laundry going smoothly. A long while back I posted my laundry routine in detail. Today, I just have a few pointers.

  1. Only dirty clothes are washed.

  2. No one is allowed to bed at night until their clothing is put in its place (drawer, clothing hook, laundry basket).

  3. Every bedroom has a small plastic tote for dirty laundry.

  4. One child is assigned to laundry pickup each month. Every morning before any play or even school they must collect all laundry and place in laundry room.

Now this only keeps the collecting part of laundry under control. The next step involves me. But it's generally easy because I can see at a glance, by 8:30 a.m., how many loads will need to get done in order to make the mountain a mole hill. I make a mental note as to when to start the wash. Now? because there is so much. Maybe later? because there's only one full load and I have other pressing things to do now. My last bit of advice is to just get the dirty laundry into the laundry area. I've found that any job is easier when you can see the whole picture.

**Just a note about my laundry details post: Somehow between then and now my average number of loads per day has increased to 2-3 loads. I'm sure it's due to winter clothing being larger than summer clothing and the fact that the kids' clothes are growing along with them. Bigger kids = bigger clothes = more loads of laundry