Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's True

What's true? Boys grow in spurts. I've heard it from so many moms.
  • he grew 6 inches in 6 months
  • can't keep him in pants
  • his feet grow so fast he never wears the tread off his shoes

I believed it to be true, just never lived it in such a dramatic way as others had. Until now. A month ago Lee needed some new church pants. Not because of growing, just because he'd been wearing the same pair of black cargo pants for probably two years and they were down right worn out. We headed to the basement clothing bins and found two pair of very nice church pants: khaki and black. Just his size; we were both happy. I didn't need to spend money on new pants and he didn't have to endure the dreaded shopping for new clothes outing. Last night at a wedding reception he leaned over to me, saying, I can't eat my supper; my pants are too tight. What? They fit just last week at church; they fit Easter Sunday. I stuck my finger in the waist band and sure enough they were definitely too tight. Then this morning he comes out all dressed for church wearing his black church pants. I looked over and chuckled, bright white socks showed between the hem and shoe at least 3 inches. Again, I exclaimed, What? They just fit a couple weeks ago. Amazing how one boy can wear the same pants for 2 years and then grow out of two pair of pants in just one month. And now I'm one of them; I am a mother who can make comments about the magnitude of boys' growth spurts.