Friday, April 4, 2008

Highlights of the Week

Sunday: We looked at a pony, which as the week progressed, we decided to buy. Looks like this weekend we'll be transferring her to the stable. The girls are excited, the boys indifferent and I am a little worried about the time commitment necessary to train Pearl properly.

Monday: Rain was predicted for the afternoon so we went on a morning nature walk and scheduled school work for the afternoon.

open water - what a beautiful sight
first sighting of a Sandhill Crane this yearpoplar buds
a good climbing treecold and on the way home to a mug of hot cocoa

We celebrated the Annunciation of the Lord. I read the story from our Children's Bible, we prayed a decade of the rosary and then made tissue paper flowers for Mary.

Tuesday: Movie Night - Portesi freezer pizza and Derby Stallion.

Wednesday: Violin, Subway lunch and then a high school production of Bye, Bye Birdie. Just a note about gas. I honestly never realized how often my three year old farts, until I was sitting in the bleachers of a crammed gymnasium for three hours. Even the 7th grade boys groaned about the smell.

Thursday: MOPS in the morning and school work in the afternoon. Horse stable, exercise class and pork roast for supper.

Friday: Public schools have the day off so a friend came for the entire day. Grace and Lee still did math, language and spelling. They four-wheeled, baked Peanut Butter Swirl Bars, roller bladed, ate popsicles, played hide-and-seek and watched PollyWorld. Just a note about that movie. I had assumed that a Polly Pockets movie would be absolutely suitable for young children when Lou grabbed it from the shelf of Family Video. So they popped in the video and I headed to the computer to do work and pleasure. Part way through I walked in on a distraught Polly, upset that her father doesn't want her around and his girlfriend doesn't like her. Loudly, I exclaimed What is this an animated soap opera? The kids were quick to hush me so I sat down and watched for a while. Seems like Polly's parents are divorced and her father's girlfriend doesn't like her and is trying to get the father to send Polly to boarding school. Polly just wants to stay home and play in a rock band with her friends, some of which aren't very nice. While eating lunch Grace asked me why I didn't like the movie. Although everything worked out well in the end and the girlfriend was no longer the girlfriend and Polly stayed with dad, I pointed out that there's enough divorce in the world and why do they have to market a movie to 5 year olds about divorce, dads with girlfriends and not being liked by an adult. Don't enough kids live this life. Would it be too much for the movie makers to present a plot where the parents loved each other? and Polly had positive adults in her life? and her friends weren't backstabbing characters?