Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Weekend with Virtually No Plans

We started our weekend with a birthday party. Lou's friend invited the whole family for a cookout party, which was full of loud kids, spilled drinks and pickles, yummy cake, fun and lively games and lots of laughter. Today's plans are a little more laid back. DH took Ray out turkey hunting for about an hour this morning. According to Ray they saw, "One gobbaler and two hens." We had a leisurely morning of pancakes and hunting DVD's. It's dreary this morning and most likely will be all day. Better than 1.64" of rain, which is the total from the last two days' rain. So the plan is to hit a few garage sales (first of the year), do a little baking and quilting in the afternoon and pick up Grace from her sleepover later this evening. DH has plans of working on building the boys' bunk beds and probably taking a nap. The 4:30 a.m. turkey hunting alarm has caught up with him. I'm sure the kids plan on eating candy and playing with all their birthday favors. You know, mini kazoos, colored sunglasses, plastic watches and the like. Tomorrow we plan on enjoying the sunny 73 degree day. I don't know how quite yet, but I'm sure we'll find a way. Maybe we'll do a little raking, take a walk in the woods, eat lunch outside at the picnic table, play kickball.....I don't know just yet.

Have a relaxing weekend!