Monday, March 9, 2009


The title says it all, yet says nothing because I'm just too tired to even think. Grace and DH have been sick since last week Monday. Well, actually Grace started with a cold a week before that. Last week DH started with influenza and finally by Saturday we thought he was turning a corner. Yes indeed, the corner from flu to pneumonia and bronchitis. Grace lucked out having only pneumonia. Both are now on antibiotics and hopefully on their way to recovery. Both doctors said the recovery time is long and not to expect instant results. A full two weeks more is to be expected. Most likely lethargy, headache, coughing, chills. I'd like to add irritability to that list. Them, not me. I can't blame them though, with all the noise us five healthy people can produce it must get quite annoying at times.

Illness brings its own down in the dumps feelings not to mention the weather. Last week we had a few warmer days, but mainly all cloudy. Now this week we started it out with a dumping of heavy, wet snow yesterday. And today it was cold, windy and sunny. The sun generated just enough heat that the roads were wet and slushy. I guess that's what March is all about. But is it too much to ask for a little warmer weather?

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  1. Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Praying for good health!


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