Saturday, March 21, 2009


...it was almost here and then gone again.
We started off the day with some basic school lessons: math, spelling, Faith and Life, language and reading. Then we got on to the real fun stuff...sewing. I finished a spring skirt for Lou. Isn't it adorable? When searching out fabric she went straight to the pinks. I pulled out the gray vintage print just to add a little something to the skirt.
It's called a twirl skirt. My inspiration came from Just Tutes. As the name suggests, her website is full of sewing/crafting tutorials. When I layed eyes on this skirt, I knew it was just the thing for my girls. It'd be a nice way to welcome spring. We dug through my stash and found fabrics that each girl liked and began sewing. Just last night I started on Grace's skirt with a more 11 year oldish color pallette. FYI: I think the only thing I'll change is to make the top tier a little shorter so the twirl starts up a little higher. That would make it a little less fitted through the hip as well. I have big plans on making a more A-line skirt for myself with just a small ruffle around the bottom. I'll share pictures whenever that may be.

Then just as we were all getting into the swing of thinking spring, with the twirl skirts and bare legs, I heard a voice from the porch. It was DH and he was saying, "Ah, Jennifer, we have a problem outside." I gasped. What? And as I went running he groaned, "It's snowing." Can you believe it? I can. It happens every year. A true spring snow.
There's his footprint on the step. He was heading out to fuel up the pump. He's pumping the spring flow into the reservoir. We've had some dry years and the water level is extremely low.
And the yard all covered in fluffy white snow. Those are not snowflakes falling, they are snow clumps. Their size was just amazing.
Well, happy spring to you all!

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  1. I love the skirt! You do such wonderful work! Happy Spring! The snow does look wonderful though: )


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