Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Computer Guy

Yay!! I finally entered the world of portable computing.

The typical evening(after the 4 older kids are in bed) includes DH in his recliner reading and me in my chair nursing Little J until he falls asleep. Somehow the act of me nursing Little J puts DH to sleep, too. Then I make my way to the computer, which is in another room, and read blogs, check out Cathswap, respond to emails, and add hundreds of free sewing and quilting patterns to my favorites folder. DH wakes up and moseys out by me wondering why I left him again. Then I explain that after he fell asleep, but not before, is when I came out to the computer. He feels lonely and neglected; I feel uninteresting enough to keep him awake and so the nights go. A while back he suggested I get a laptop so I can compute in his sleepy presence. Maybe all the funny things you all say will help keep him awake. We'll see.

Friday we went on a birthday/computer shopping date and ate lunch at my second favorite restaurant, Christian's Bistro. The chef worked with Emeril at one time. I had Chicken Mole; spicy Spanish rice, fresh peppers, real chicken (no nugget shaped morsels), lots of pepper. I didn't buy a laptop; I was so overwhelmed. Sunday was my birthday. Monday, I bought a laptop after some intense researching.

Today, the computer guy came to help me with all the techy stuff that frustrates me, but excites him. He showed up and, like I expected, knew just what to do. He walked me through it just in case. Just in case what? I said to him. Well, my work is warrantied 30 days and just in case something happens after that you'll know what to do. I promptly asked him to write down his email just in case. The real fun was watching him interact with the two kids who were home. Lee had out an arsenal of dart guns which the computer guy thought to be better than anything he'd seen in a while. They talked darts, pump action and ballistics. They threw around words like double barrel, double trigger, bi-pod and semi-auto. They connected, this 10 year old and 20 something guy. They talked about large ice cream cones and wildlife and snapping turtles. And I just listened. They had so much in common. Was it the same gender? Was it just luck? Maybe it's that at 37, I'm just another adult to both of them. Happy Birthday to me!

The computer guy liked Little J, too. He smiled and cooed at him while he lay, singing, on the floor next to us. Little J put on quite a concert today. Nice Job!

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  1. Oh, Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a nice dinner out and got a new lap top!


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