Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pure Summer

It's been pure summer around here lately. The thermometer reads 98 on the North side of the house. Monday's laundry day has continued into Tuesday laundry day; when I open the door to carry out the wet clothes the heat slaps me in the face. But I do love the heat and it takes every bit of restriction I have to keep me from heading out to weed the garden during the hottest part of the day. That'll have to wait until later this evening, but then it's the mosquitoes. I don't know what's worse the threat of sunburn and dehydration or West Nile carrying mosquitoes.

The girls are at the stable today working with horses, hopefully staying hydrated. The boys are attending VBS at an area church this week. That meant this morning I had about 2 hours with just Little J. Very nice, yes, very nice. I snapped a few pictures yesterday of our day. Enjoy!

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  1. great photos! I hate mosquitos! we bought some stuff at whole foods, an oil with sticks and it works. We have been able to go out back and enjoy our time. I need to buy another one for the front porch.


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