Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kittens and More

Diamond had her kittens June 3. Six of them. Aren't they cute? We have Romeo, Juliette, Becky, Midnight, Starbright and Snowflake. Their eyes haven't opened yet and some of them still have their umbilical cord stump. The kids can't get enough of them and let me tell you a nursing mama cat sure drinks plenty of water. We can't keep the dish full. And just today Fireball had her kittens. We haven't found them yet. Our guess is somewhere in the warehouse attic. She's been pretty tricky so far, leading us astray. Pictures to come as soon as we locate them.

Little J had physical therapy today. Due to schedule conflicts it was his first in 4 weeks. We're working very hard at getting him to sit on his own. He'll put up with us for about 5 minutes and then he stiff legs it. He tightens up his hips, arches his back and locks his knees, making sitting nearly impossible. We try to distract him with all sorts of new toys from the bag. Blinking lights, singing rattles, jingling balls. All of them work for a minute until he recognizes just what we are trying to get him to do, sit with his back somewhat straight. The physical therapist encouraged me to not get frustrated or angry with him, but to keep trying in new rooms or even outside or in the bathtube. I told her I haven't even entertained the thought of frustration or anger yet. Actually, I find it quite comical. He looks at me with this "you can't make me" look. Or sometimes even a "you really think I'm gonna fall for that new toy trick again". He seems to have me all figured out. But I don't give up that easy. Today's plan is to wait for the sun to come out and then sit outside in the grass with a metal bowl and a few acorns. I'm sure I'll trick him into sitting (and liking it) this time.