Monday, September 27, 2010

For the Fashion Challenged

I know, I know homeschooling moms aren't typically known as fashion divas.  And if you were to stop by on any given day, you'd probably find me in a pair of jeans, knit top(most likely with some sort of smear on the shoulder or across the tummy) and running shoes.  But sometimes the diva in me comes out and I want to give the newest fashion trends a try.  Looking through magazines is fine, but what do you do when you see the perfect look.  In my case, I just look longingly and then turn the page because I have no idea how to make it work for me.  So, sorry, you won't find any tips from me, however, I did come across a great blog, Blushing Basics.  A makeup artist by trade, Kristie shares tons of tips and video tutorials (very helpful) for those of us who aren't necessarily fashion challenged, but need step by step instructions for completing the looks we see in mags or on other fashionable mommas.  And it's not all makeup.  She includes hair, nails, clothing, shoes....all the good stuff.  I especially love her Braided Headband Tutorial.

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  1. Jen,
    thanks so much for the shout out! xo

    ps. i love a mother who is so dedicated to her children. the unsung hero ;)


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