Thursday, September 23, 2010

We Have a Suitcase Packed

No we're not leaving for vacation. Are you kidding, harvest is in less than 3 weeks.  We are  preparing for flood conditions.  6.25 inches of rain in 15 hours doesn't bode well for our home, driveway or cranberry marsh.  The morning began with a.......slide right to the cranberry ditch.  Truck #1 - STUCK!  Warren brought me into the mess to help with the pull out.  However, after a few minutes.....Truck #2 - STUCK!  So we walked back in the pouring rain for the first runners up, a tractor and 4-wheeler.  You know, if the winner can't fulfill its duties, the first runner up will take its place.  The tractor worked wonders and we were back in action.  I headed up to the house and discovered water running across the basement floor.  As fast as I swept it towards the sump pump, more water found its way in.  Anyway, after a couple visits from neighbors, the situation became clear.  Everyone's reservoirs are full.  Everyone has water they need to dump.  The creek is rising and a good portion of the water will be coming our way.  Our back way out is flooded and dangerous.  Our front way (the driveway) is holding back 200 acres of water and the possibility of that dike giving way is foremost on our minds.  And that's why we have a suitcase, sides bulging, packed and ready to go. 

OK, God.  Is it too much to ask for a lull in the precipitation?  Amen.