Sunday, September 26, 2010

If You Build It They Will Come

This was once said about a ball diamond, but fits our circumstance today perfectly.  See, in August 2009 we finished our horse pasture with the intentions of bringing home Pearl from the boarding stable.  And since horses are herd animals they like to have horsey friends to hang with in their pasture so we adopted Max, a miniature horse just the right size for Amber to handle on her own.  Earlier this summer we were approached by a neighbor (I'm using the rural definition of neighbor) with a phone number of a person with a free horse.  We gracefully passed this one up because I had no desire to investigate the situation.  Now last week we were approached again by the stable owner with this doosey of a question:  Bob really needs some place to go because his owner is tapped out financially, but doesn't want to sell Bob and you know Emily rides Bob during her lessons and knows how to handle him well and we need to make room for paying clients and having another horse at your place would be great especially with Amber growing and the girls having friends over and I don't want you to feel pressured, we won't kick Bob out, he'll always have a place here if we can't find a good home for him, but I was just wondering if you'd like to have Bob at your place for a while. 
Amber and Max
Emily and Pearl

Our new horse, Bob, is the Appaloosa at the end
So with it being Emily's birthday yesterday we had arranged with the stable owner to trailer a bunch of horses here for a trail ride.  The stable girls came with their horses and Tina brought Bob to ride and then left him here with us.  And I'm going to say it right now.  No more horses.  I am not adopting any more horses.  Really. I am not.

Did I mention Pearl is blind in one eye, Max has week legs and Bob has arthritic knees.  God help us!