Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Another Day

I'm going to share a bit about our day, not because I'm looking for pity, but for your benefit.  I don't think I'm the only one who finds a bit of comfort knowing that other families experience silly disasters.  I'm guessing you've been in a disaster situation and thought "Why Me, Lord?"  Well for your benefit you aren't the only one.  Enjoy!
Our "day" actually started yesterday morning.  Warren got one helluva sliver on Friday.  He's building armoires for the girls and in the process of sanding a 1/2" piece of stained and varnished wood jabbed into the pad of his pointer finger, in one side out the other.  But it didn't go all the way out.  It just poked the skin and then retreated back into the finger pad.  Ouch!!!  We worked on it trying to get it out, but had no luck.  Not sure of what to next he slapped a bandaid on and then went back to sanding.  Fast forward to Monday morning.  The finger is swollen, slightly warm and hurting like _____.  So off he went to urgent care.  Two doctors looked at it agreed it had to come out but didn't want to touch it.  They sent him to a plastic surgeon specializing in hand surgery.  She gave him two options:  1) MRI then removal 2) removal.  He opted for the 2nd option.  Three shots of lidacaine, a cut, and a pull and it was out.  All for an overgrown sliver.  The day continues normally until Joseph knocks the fish bowl off the kitchen table.  Glass, gems, rocks, FISH, water everywhere, everywhere!  We ended up moving the shelf and refrigerator in the clean-up process.  Of course I was in the middle of preparing dinner.  Tuesday started like any other day, a little banana on the floor, soggy grape-nuts left behind on the table, the typical.  But boy did it take a hard turn for the worse.  While sitting at the table with the older kids doing spelling, language and math I heard Joseph playing with the laundry basket.  No big deal I thought, at least he was occupied.  After a few more than a few minutes I went out to check on him and found the bathroom floor sopping wet, him sopping wet and a pile of clothes hanging out from the toilet bowl, lid closed.  Soggy toilet paper strewn about and Joseph soaking wet in fleecey pajamas.  I lifted the lid to find the toilet (which hadn't been flushed) jammed with clothes.  I'm guessing he got those from the laundry basket he was so innocently playing with.  Not the worst thing.  I cleaned it up using enough Lysol to kill all the germs in Wisconsin in February.  Joseph gets a bath.  Now it's just about time for lunch.  Emily makes Kool-Aid and as she's putting it on the fridge shelf she knocks over Amber's milk cup, which of course spills backward running down all the shelves and under the fruit/veggie drawers.  Again we clean it up and start on lunch.  Sam comes in to eat leftover ribs and attempts to get the Kool-Aid out.  Trying to lift the full pitcher and hold his cup at the same time he spilled lemonade down the fridge shelves, dishwasher and on the floor.  Again we clean it up.  We're laughing at the craziness by this time.  No more events at lunch but immediately after when Nick and Amber go to feed the fish somehow the fish food spills all down the book shelf and into Joseph's toys.  All I heard as I headed out the door to get the mail was, "THIS DAY!"  And last but certainly not least, when I got back from getting the mail the washing machine was making an odd noise and after a little investigation realized that we don't have water.  Not a drip coming out of any faucet.  What?  And that's it.  A little bit of our crazy life.  Tomorrow can't come fast enough.

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  1. And I thought I was having a bad day with the newborn who screams when you put him down, the potty training 3 yr old who is extremely challanging today, and the 3 dogs who ripped open the extremely large bag of trash and strewn it all over the garage and yard. Thanks for sharing. I hope tomorrow is less eventful for you.


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