Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Has Indeed Sprung

Last Monday the entire landscape was covered in snow and ice.  And today it's nearly all gone.  Last Friday, after three good melting days in a row, Samuel and I went for an evening nature hike.  We were gone for over an hour and experienced a great many naturey things.  I didn't want to be accused of documenting every step of the walk so I left the camera at home.  Sam enjoyed our walk immensely and told Dad all about it when home.  Here's what made an impact on him.
Large white lichen on a tree stump
Canadian geese breaking their way through the slushy ice
Bald Eagle flying overhead
Bright green moss on a Birch tree stump
Mole tunnels
Heard our first Spring Peepers
Feather - white with dark gray stripes
He also carried dad's BB gun and I wedged an oak leaf into the bark of a tree for him to shoot off.  Second shot and it was down.  Last year we took part in a Nature Club and look forward to starting that up now that nicer weather is here.

Other nature highlights from the last few days:
*Emily and I heard the Loon early Friday morning on our run.  All the ponds were still covered in ice - Good Luck!
*We got a lot of rain Saturday night which helped the grass green up.  Quite an amazing sight - you go to bed and the yard still looks mostly dead and wake up to green grass.  That was a pleasant surprise.
*Sunday's 80 degree temps really rotted the ice nicely and now today the entire pond is a sea of ripples.

The garden seeds are ordered, rose bushes pruned, leaning apple tree staked and garden gloves all washed and ready for a new season.  And I can't wait.