Friday, April 29, 2011

Pure Cuteness

We settled in 25 chicks.  They're awful cute now, all yellow and fluffy.  And the cheep, cheep sound they make continuously draws me in so, I want to peer over the edge of the box forever.  But it's a good thing they all look the same because to name these little puffballs would be a sin, unless they were named breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Come July 1st that's what these Cornish Cross will become...food.  For now though, we'll enjoy their pure cuteness.
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  1. Hello--I can identify with you in some ways. I too am a teacher who now homeschools and we live in the country with animals and gardens. However, our little yellow puffs of cuteness are about 9 weeks old now. They are very pretty versus cute now. We also have guineas, ducks, and geese. I love just sitting out by their pens and watching them or hand feeding them.

    Thanks for the cute post, and I am subscribing to your blog.


    Jackie who stays busy homeschooling a high-spirited 14 year old dyslexic sweetie.

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  2. The only thing better would be if they were dancing around holding placards saying, "Russians go home." Wouldn't you agree?


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