Thursday, April 7, 2016

Birdwatching and Bird-Reading for Kids

Right out our school room window are three bird feeders.  Warren and I like to start each morning with a cup of coffee and watching the birds.  Our enthusiasm has rubbed off on Peter; he's our current bird watcher - always informing us when Mr. Cardinal is near or how many Juncos are ground feeding.  Birds are naturally interesting creatures to watch, especially for youngsters, with their brightly colored feathers and silly antics.  The upside down feeding Nuthatch is quite amusing to watch, as are the flittering Goldfinches.  His interest doesn't stop with backyard birdwatching; he also loves waterfowl like his big brother, Nick.  Here he's memorizing the characteristics of ducks.  I love this series of pictures - there's nothing better than a bird book and a cap full of peanuts.

I pulled a pile of bird books from our shelves, some fiction, some non-fiction, to add to our current reading basket.  Here's a list of our favorites.

Spring is a great time to start learning about birds.  Give it a try!

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